Worldbuilding for Fantasy Fans and Authors

Worlds can exist without stories, but fantasy stories cannot exist without a vibrant and enthralling world. But what makes a good fantasy world?

Be you a top-down planner, a bottom-up pantser, or a fantasy fan experiencing the worldbuilding from the inside-out, this comprehensive guide has you covered. Adopting a “tools not rules” approach, you will discover dozens of worldbuilding strategies, including:

Ineffective, effective, and inspired worldbuilding.
Designing comprehensive magic systems.
The four Cs of worldbuilding and how to use them.
The ins and outs of immersion.
Enhancing the audience experience with fantasy conceits.
Also featuring:

Case studies from famous worldbuilders.
Map design 101.
Survey results showing what audiences want.
Answers to these questions and more were once scattered throughout the realms, but have finally been compiled and synthesized for fantasy fans and authors alike.

Title: Worldbuilding For Fantasy Fans And Authors (Forging Fantasy Realms #2)
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