The writings of John : a survey of the Gospel, Epistles, and Apocalypse

The writings of John are some of the most foundational New Testament documents for todays Christians. Most evangelical teaching about the life of Jesus begins with the Gospel of John, and Christian teaching on the end times relies heavily on the book of Revelation.Students, pastors, and lay learners need solid, up-to-date resources like this book to responsibly study and understand Johns writings. C. Marvin Pate addresses Johns writings according to their logical divisions: the Gospel of John, the Johannine Epistles, and Revelation. Each section includes a thorough introduction to relevant interpretive issues, including historical background, cultural setting, and theological context. Pate presents a two-fold historical setting for Johns gospel, encouraging readers to consider the text from the perspective of Jesus day and from Johns situation in Asia Minor sixty years later. He examines the Johannine epistles on issues like authorship, audience, and theological perspective. For the Apocalypse, Pate explores the challenges of Johns first readers, the nature of apocalyptic literature, and the Roman imperial cult, including as well an explanation of how the church has interpreted Revelation over the years. With its thorough discussion, textbook design and four-color interior, The Writings of John sets the standard for introductory texts on biblical books or collections.
Author : C. Marvin Pate
Publisher : Zondervan
Year : 2010
Pages : 560
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ISBN : None
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