The Ten Biggest Bubbles of All Time (Suno)

-Verso em Ingls do livro As 10 Maiores Bolhas de Todos os Tempos de Tiago Reis (Suno Research)

Many books about investments in the financial and real estate market are written under the bias of positive formulas, which propose to shorten the path of financial independence for the investors. On the contrary, this book will be different and speak about mistakes that have been made by investors in the past and the ways to avoid repeating them. This book tells about how ten economic bubbles and manias occurred which left a deep impact on the economy and financial history of mankind, after the period known as the Renaissance.

In short, we will report things that went wrong, as we believe that mistakes are great teachers. Humanity learns from its own mistakes and evolves when it overcomes its consequences.

In this book, we will unravel the reasons that led to the formation of manias and bubbles, as well as the facts that triggered their outbursts. This is not done to create panic among the readers, but to demonstrate how the capital market has evolved over the past 500 years, establishing itself as a safe option for thousands of people who entrust their financial future in the best-traded companies and the investment funds from the major economies of the world.

At the end, we will propose ways to avoid the damage caused by bubbles and manias. Accidents may continue to happen but with each passing day the means to prevent them increases or help to diminish the consequences.

The world is full of bald (or grey-haired) investors who have passed through the last five Bubbles pictured here unscathed.
Despite the short-term volatility and tragic events that victimize the unsuspecting, in the long run, well-founded investments are highly profitable and solid, capable of going through the toughest crisis that can plague the investment world again.
Author : Tiago Reis
Publisher : Suno Research
Year : 2020
Pages : 117
Series : 1
Volume Info : 1
Edition : 1
ISBN : None
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