The Russian Church and the Papacy

“Soloviev wrote in French a summary of his ideas about the Church and the key issue of doctrinal authority. That book is Russia and the universal church, of which this present work is an abridgment. Only those portions of Soloviev’s book which deal with ecclesiological issue are included in this abridgment. … The chapter headings in part two are taken from Soloviev’s book. These chapters deal with issues in the Russian Orthodox Church in the nineteenth century. They are necessary background for following Soloviev’s line of thought about the papacy. In part three, except for the term “preamble”, all of Soloviev’s chapter headings have been retained. Finally, part four sets forth Soloviev’s call to recognize the universal fatherhood of the successors of St. Peter.”– Introduction, page 17.

Title: The Russian Church and the Papacy An Abridgment of Russia and the Universal Church
ISBN: 1888992298,9781888992298
Publisher: Catholic Answers
Genre: Religion / Christianity / Catholic
Date Published:
Pages: 203
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