The politics of textiles: the Indian cotton-mill industry and the legacy of swadeshi, 1900-1985

Textile manufacture, India’s oldest industry, has involved the rise and fall of some of the most powerful and rich businessmen in India, the pioneers of this industry. This volume traces the history of India’s composite mill sector. Leadbeater addresses the decline of mills in north India and the prospering of those in the south; a direct consequence, says the author, of the influence of Gandhi’s swadeshi movement upon post-independence industrial policies. A significant finding in this study is the emergence of the powerloom sector which was the inadvertent result of the government’s attempts to protect handloom weavers. Based on case histories, first-hand interviews, and historical records, this intriguing volume is an important contribution to the evolution of India’s textile policy. “Clearly the topics and questions raised in this study will be of interest to many social scientists who may not necessarily be specialists in Indian matters. These readers will find Leadbeater’s book illuminating….It is quite likely that, by shedding light upon the complexities of this subject Leadbeater’s book will encourage further research to be undertaken.” –Book Reviews “The book provides a useful analysis of the conflict of interests between sectors of the textile industry and illuminates some of the more important aspects concerning textile policy under the post-colonial state.” -Journal of Contemporary Asia “This is an illuminating book. The product of intensive research, its chief value lies in its revelation and explanation of the unexpected.” –Science, Technology & Development

Title: The Politics of Textiles The Indian Cotton-Mill Industry and the Legacy of Swadeshi, 1900-1985
ISBN: 0803994400,9780803994409
Publisher: SAGE Publications
Genre: Social Science / Sociology / General
Date Published:
Pages: 312
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