The Partitions of Poland: 1772, 1793, 1795

The Partitions of Poland were a key event in the power politics of the late ancien regime, and had major long term consequences for the balance of power in northern and eastern Europe. Over a period of twenty five years Catherine II (Russia), Frederick II (Prussia) and Maria Theresa and Joseph II (Austria) between them wiped Poland xxx; Europe’s second largest countryxxx; off the political map, and Poland disappeared as a state for 120 years. Jerzy Lukowski’s new account, the first comprehensive study of the topic in English since 1915, sets the Polish dimension of this story in its wider European context, illuminating the motives and attitudes of the participants and exploring its consequences. This is a major contribution to the diplomatic history of eighteenth century Europe.
A history of the Polish Partitions – a subject which is as much concerned with the diplomatic history of late 18th-century Europe as a whole as the fate of an individual country.

Title: The Partitions of Poland: 1772, 1793, 1795
ISBN: 0582292751
Publisher: Longman Publishing Group
Date Published:
Pages: 232
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