The Foundations of Chinese Medicine: A Comprehensive Text

This highly successful textbook covers the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, and discusses in detail the use of acupuncture points and the principles of treatment. The material is based on rigorous reference to ancient and modern Chinese texts, and explains the application of theory in the context of Western clinical practice. The new edition features new and updated material plus an accompanying website containing over 650 self-testing questions in a variety of formats. For the student or practitioner of Chinese medicine this is a definitive text book. Reviewed by Jim Young on behalf of, Aug 201525th Anniversary edition of the Western world’s best-selling book on Chinese medicine!Logical, sequential organization builds from basic theoretical concepts, through functions of individual organs, diagnosis, pathology, pattern recognition & disease categories, and the appropriate use of acupuncture pointsClearly explains the theory and practice of Chinese Medicine to Western medical audiencesBased on a unique and invaluable combination of extensive clinical experience in the West, current Chinese Medicine textbooks and ancient sources, in particular, the ‘Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine’ (Nei Jing) and the ‘Classic of Difficulties’ (Nan Jing)Includes Pinyin equivalents to make it immediately evident which original term is being translatedAbundantly illustrated with over 750 line drawings and more than 1000 tables & boxes designed to emphasize the key factsEnd of chapter Learning Outcomes point out ‘must-know’ information Cases Studies and Case Histories apply theory to diagnosis and treatment, bringing the subject to life in a realistic contextAn extensive Glossary explains new terms and their origins from translationAdditional Appendices list Prescriptions, Bibliography and Chinese ChronologyAuthored by Giovanni Maciocia, one of the Western world’s leading subject matter expertsAn accompanying EVOLVE website provides over 650 self-testing questions and answers to help readers check their understanding of frequently complex informationNew Case Histories help ‘bring the subject to life’Expanded subject area coverage including new clinical guidelines and additional acupuncture point combinationsContains further analysis of acupuncture point actionsInnovative guidelines aid students learning Chinese Medicine patterns
Author : Giovanni Maciocia
Publisher : Churchill Livingstone
Year : 2015
Pages : 1320
Series :
Volume Info :
Edition : 3
ISBN : None
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