The Dawn of a New Era, 1250-1453

“Professor Cheyney has accomplished one of the most difficult tasks which the historian can undertake: he has characterized the life pf a period with brevity, with charming simplicity and clarity of style, and without any serious sacrifice of the historical truth of which he has so long been the stanchest of exponents.”
– The American Historical Review

“The merit of the book consists in its mature presentation of the best results of modern scholarship within a broad but defined range of topics. Its value is enhanced by the authoritative bibliography, compiled, like others in this series, with helpful critical comments”
– The Journal of Modern History

Table of Contents
I. The Expansion of Trade and the Increase of Wealth
II. Merchant Princes and Bankers
III. The Rise of the Middle Class: The Development of Representative Government
IV. Popular Insurrections
V. The Hundred Years War
VI. The Decline of the Church
VII. The Spread of Heresy
VIII. Language, Literature and Art
IX. The Revelation of the East
X. The Eastern Frontiers of Europe
XI. Recapitulation

Title: The Dawn of a New Era, 1250-1453 (The Rise of Modern Europe)
ISBN: 0061384003
Publisher: Harper Torchbooks
Date Published:
Pages: 389
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