Tasha’s Crucible of Everything Else Volume 1

Brought to you by QL Games, Tashas Crucible of Everything Else is a massive, two-volume collaboration of over 25 different DMs Guild creators that expands on the options found in the Players Handbook, Dungeon Masters Guide, and Monster Manual.

Below is a short description of what youll find in each chapter of the book.

Chapter 1: Subclasses

27 new subclasses for every class, including artificer
3 remastered subclasses; just like the Circle of Spores druid and Bladesinging wizard get reworks in Tashas Cauldron of Everything, the Way of the Four Elements monk, the Wild Magic sorcerer, and the Undying warlock get new, exciting reworks in Tashas Crucible of Everything Else

Chapter 2: New Spells

29 new spells
Social, combat, and exploration spells for every tier of play
Harness the power of the planes with new conjunction spells!

Chapter 3: Magic Items

Over 50 new magic items to be discovered in any environment
Useful for both players and dungeon masters!
Discover the arcane properties of Tasha’s Cauldron

Chapter 4: Dungeon Master Tools

Alternative rules for Working Together
Add mechanical depth to characters by using Variant Flaws
Come to the dark side with Downtime Crime Revisited
Preludes, an alternative to traditional backgrounds where Dungeon Master and player work together to determine a characters backstory and background feature

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