Strength training without equipment for women: Create the body of your dream

Learn how to build a strong and beautiful body

This book describes bodyweight strength exercises for women for specific muscles and muscle groups of the lower and upper body without the use of any sports equipment that can be done at home. Bodyweight exercises allow you to achieve a high degree of muscle tension, comparable to the action of strength training equipment. In addition, power training without sport gear has a positive effect on the joints and the spine, relieving the axial pressure on the intervertebral discs of the latter. But the main advantage of these exercises is simplicity and affordability. All you need is a sports mat, your strong desire to build the body of your dreams, this book and nothing else.

What is inside the book?
You will find detailed descriptions and photo illustrations of over 50 dynamic and isometric exercises for all your needs, including for the muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle, pectoral muscles, pelvic and legs muscles. You can customize your workout routine to get rid of excess fat in problem areas, strengthen muscles, shape your body as you like and develop flexibility and endurance. But whatever goals you set for yourself, the exercises in this book will help you look more attractive, feel younger, healthier, and slimmer. Workouts based on the exercises and techniques described in this book will guarantee you fast results with minimal effort. Most exercises can be done easily at work, at home, on vacation and does not require a gym or a sport gear. Sets of exercises can be divided into classes for busy people and can be performed at any time of the day.

Target audience
For women of any age and level of physical fitness, who want to develop strength, flexibility, make their body beautiful and young, and also maintain all body systems at a sufficiently high functional level.

Title: Strength training without equipment for women: Create the body of your dream
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Pages: 103
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