Sleep disorders in neurology: a practical approach

The sleep history — Polysomnography : recording, analysis and interpretation — Daytime tests for sleepiness and vigilance: indications, interpretation and pitfalls — Diagnostic strategies and classification — Pharmacological treatment of insomnia and parasomnias — Pharmacological treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness — The effects of medication on sleep and wakefulness — Narcolepsy and other central disorders of hypersomnolence — Insomnia — Sleep-related breathing disorders — Circadian rhythm sleep disorders — Parasomnias and their differentiation from epilepsy — Restless legs syndrome and periodic limb movement disorder — Sleep disorders in Parkinson’s disease and other Parkinsonian syndromes — Sleep in dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases — Myotonic dystrophy — Sleep disorders in neuromuscular disease — Headache disorders — Sleep epilepsies — Sleep-wake disorders following traumatic brain injury — Sleep disorders associated with ischemic stroke — Sleep disorders in multiple sclerosis and related conditions — Tumours and paraneoplastic syndromes.
Formulate treatment plans with confidence when you consult SleepDisorders in Neurology, a helpful overview of both common andrare neurological disorders that are frequently accompanied bysignificant sleep disturbances. This concise guide explains when toconsult a sleep specialist in managing a particular sleep disorderand draws on the expertise of neurologists who specialize in thedisorders under discussion. This practical guide is fullyillustrated and easily digested, providing a counterpoint to largeencyclopedic reference volumes. The authors take you from historytaking and diagnostic testing, to pharmacological andnon-pharmacological treatment options, and are joined by diseasesub-specialists in the chapters on disease specific sleepdisturbances and the effects of common neurological medications onsleep.

This book is essential for sleep medicine specialists, as wellas for clinicians and health care professionals not specificallytrained in sleep medicine, but who nevertheless need to manageneurologically damaged patients with increasingly recognizedsleep-wake disturbances.

Title: Sleep Disorders in Neurology A Practical Approach
ISBN: 140518843X,9781405188432
Publisher: Wiley
Genre: Health & Fitness / Sleep & Sleep Disorders
Date Published:
Pages: 344
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