Separation of Text and Non-text in Document Layout Analysis using a Recursive Filter

A separation of text and non-text elements plays an important role in document layout
analysis. A number of approaches have been proposed but the quality of separation result is
still limited due to the complex of the document layout. In this paper, we present an efficient
method for the classification of text and non-text components in document image. It is the
combination of whitespace analysis with multi-layer homogeneous regions which called
recursive filter. Firstly, the input binary document is analyzed by connected components
analysis and whitespace extraction. Secondly, a heuristic filter is applied to identify non-text
components. After that, using statistical method, we implement the recursive filter on multilayer homogeneous regions to identify all text and non-text elements of the binary image.
Finally, all regions will be reshaped and remove noise to get the text document and non-text
document. Experimental results on the ICDAR2009 page segmentation competition dataset
and other datasets prove the effectiveness and superiority of proposed method.
Author : Tuan-Anh Tran, In-Seop Na, Soo-Hyung Kim*
Year : 2015
Pages : 20
Series : 4072
Volume Info : 9
Edition :
ISBN : None
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