Sauces reconsidered: aprs Escoffier

Most cookbooks age poorly as tastes change, but Sauces Reconsidered evades this fate because the structure of sauces is not dependent on fashion. By exploring the fundamental physical and cultural characteristics of hundreds of sauces, we see the connections between, and the distinguishing features of, sauces from any cuisine around the world.;Anciens regimes — So many rich sauces — Old wine in new bottles — Nineteenth century — The French were not, of course, the only sauciers — The modern world of cooking begins — O brave new world, that has such sauces in it! — Time for a change — Solutions — Suspensions — Gels — Emulsions — Cultured sauces — Composites.

Sauces Reconsidered: Après Escoffier replaces the traditional French hierarchy of sauces with a modern version based on the sauces’ physical properties. While it is not a traditional cookbook, it does include many recipes. Cooks need not slavishly follow them, however, as the recipes illustrate their underlying functions, helping cooks to successfully create their own sauces based on their newfound understanding of sauces’ intrinsic properties. Gary Allen explores what makes a sauce the type of sauce it is, how it works, why it is specific to a particular cuisine, and how cooks can make it their own through an understanding of how the ingredients work together to create a sauce that enriches a dish and tantalizes the taste buds.

Title: Sauces Reconsidered Après Escoffier
ISBN: 153811514X,9781538115145
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
Genre: Cooking / Courses & Dishes / Sauces & Dressings
Date Published:
Pages: 216
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