Refactoring at Scale: Regaining Control of Your Codebase

Making significant changes to large, complex codebases is a daunting task–one that’s nearly impossible to do successfully unless you have the right team, tools, and mindset. If your application is in need of a substantial overhaul and you’re unsure how to go about implementing those changes in a sustainable way, then this book is for you.

Software engineer Maude Lemaire walks you through the entire refactoring process from start to finish. You’ll learn from her experience driving performance and refactoring efforts at Slack during a period of critical growth, including two case studies illustrating the impact these techniques can have in the real world. This book will help you achieve a newfound ability to productively introduce important changes in your codebase.

Understand how code degrades and why some degradation is inevitable
Quantify and qualify the state of your codebase before refactoring
Draft a well-scoped execution plan with strategic milestones
Win support from engineering leadership
Build and coordinate a team best suited for the project
Communicate effectively inside and outside your team
Adopt best practices for successfully executing the refactor

Maintaining large applications is difficult, but supporting large, disorganized applications is nearly impossible. If you’re unable to rapidly ship changes to your code without introducing new bugs or causing outages, perhaps it’s time to slow down and consider a significant refactor.

With this practical guide, software engineer Maude Lemaire teaches you how to identify and solve problematic patterns in your codebase. You’ll learn techniques to help you effectively plan and execute a refactor spanning extensive surface areas of your application. Drawing from Lemaire’s experience driving performance and refactoring efforts at Slack during a period of critical growth, this book helps you achieve newfound developer productivity throughout your organization.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the benefits of refactoring: bug squashing, developer productivity, and performance optimization
  • Understand and articulate what’s wrong with your current code
  • Document and measure the impact of a refactoring effort
  • Bring together the best team for the job
  • Build sustainable coding practices and a healthier codebase
Title: Refactoring at Scale Regaining Control of Your Codebase
ISBN: 1492075531,9781492075530
Publisher: O’Reilly Media, Incorporated
Genre: Computers / Systems Architecture / General
Date Published:
Pages: 238
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