Reagan and Thatcher: the difficult relationship

Churchill, Jefferson, and Jesus — Thinking the unthinkable — Come in, it’s freezing! — Little ice-cold bunch of land — Even more of a wimp than Jimmy Carter — Another island, another war — This is how large powers behave — Not a great listener — The day the earth shook — A thunderous round of applause — The last waltz — Epilogue “lead me into the sunset.”;Aldous re-examines the iconic friendship and uneasy alliance between President Ronald Reagan and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher–the couple who ended the Cold War.

An iconic friendship, an uneasy alliance—a revisionist account of the couple who ended the Cold War.

For decades historians have perpetuated the myth of a “Churchillian” relationship between Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, citing their longtime alliance as an example of the “special” bond between the United States and Britain. But, as Richard Aldous argues in this penetrating dual biography, Reagan and Thatcher clashed repeatedly—over the Falklands war, Grenada, and the SDI and nuclear weapons—while carefully cultivating a harmonious image for the public and the press. With the stakes enormously high, these political titans struggled to work together to confront the greatest threat of their time: the USSR.

Brilliantly reconstructing some of their most dramatic encounters, Aldous draws on recently declassified documents and extensive oral history to dismantle the popular conception of Reagan-Thatcher diplomacy. His startling conclusion—that the weakest link in the Atlantic Alliance of the 1980s was the association between the two principal actors—will mark an important contribution to our understanding of the twentieth century.

Title: Reagan and Thatcher: The Difficult Relationship
ISBN: 0393069001,9780393069006
Publisher: W. W. Norton
Genre: History / Europe / Great Britain / General
Date Published:
Pages: 342
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