Plant Based Diet Cookbook: 300 Delicious, High-Protein Whole Food Recipes for Athletes, Bodybuilders and Beginners to Lose Weight Burning Fat and Build Muscle + 21 and 28 Days Vegan Meal Plans

Are you looking for new and tasty recipes to add to your routine? Maybe to improve your physical performance while not losing in taste? Then keep reading.
A Plant-Based Diet is a popular and healthy way to eat for a good portion of the world’s population. All food choices are made from plant sources, and animal-based foods such as meat and dairy are eliminated completely. Veganism is another term for plant-based eating. When it comes to shift to this way of eating, some people can take longer than others. There are stages between a regular diet with dairy and meat to veganism, and these can be implemented in steps where certain foods are reduced or minimized over time, such as specific meats (i.e. pork and beef). At the same time, vegetables, fruits, and other plant-based foods are increased.
The goal of this 4-in-1 Cookbook is simple: show you how many delicious and easy-to-made recipes are available to keep the right balance within a Plant-Based diet.
The recipes are taken from the Plant Based Diet collection Plant Based Diet for Beginners, Plant Based Diet for Bodybuilding, Plant Based Cookbook for Athletes and Plant Based High-Protein Cookbook and are divided as it follows:
Part one Recipes from Plant Based Diet for Beginners:
90+ recipes for beginners that will make you fall in love with the plant-based world!
21 days Meal Plan
Part two Recipes from Plant Based Diet for Bodybuilding:
60 Recipes with a special focus on mass growth, ideal for bodybuilders or if you are interested in gaining mass.
28 days Meal Plan
Part three Recipes from Plant Based Cookbook for Athletes:
75 Recipes for athletes, with exactly the right amount of macronutrients that you need to boost your performance, whether you are a marathon runner, a swimmer or a crossfitter!
28 days Meal Plan
Part four Recipes from Plant Based High-Protein Cookbook:
75 High-Protein Recipes, ideal if you are looking to increase the amount of proteins in your plant-based meals.
28 days Meal Plan
Bonus: Flavour Booster AND Sauce Recipes
Where most cookbooks only focus on low-calorie recipes, promising weight loss but not delivering on taste, this Cookbook goes further, providing guidance on how to get healthy and stay healthy on a Plant-Based diet. Forget about those low-cal frozen dinners and processed foods. Learn to love the foods that will keep your body healthier and leaner.
Even if you are new to this lifestyle, the benefits of a vegan diet are plentiful for bodybuilders, marathon runners, and all other types of athletes. Contrary to the myths and misconceptions about plant-based eating, there are many sources of protein, calcium, vitamins, and other nutrients to support the healthy development of muscle and tissue growth at a cellular level.
Author : Michael Gill
Publisher : Independently published
Year : 2020
Pages : 386
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