Plant-Based Cookbook for Beginners: 130 Delicious, Easy and Health Restoring Vegan Recipes

Discover How You Can Take Control of Your Health and Finally Reach Your Weight Loss Goals With The Plant Based Lifestyle!

Do you want to lose weight and optimize your health? Do you want to make healthy eating effortless? Do you want to NATURALLY help prevent many of the biggest killers?

Plant Based eating is starting to go mainstream, and its about time!

Honestly, for years we have been led to believe it wasnt our diet and lifestyles that were causing us to be ill and that popping pills would always save us.

And, while we will all need the miracle of modern medicine at some point in our lives, on an everyday level we can help supercharge our health with a lifestyle and way of eating that supports health instead of destroys it.

Whether youre here through curiosity or through a doctors recommendation, inside Ive made sure you have EVERYTHING I wish I had when I started my own plant based journey, from the essentials you need to know, to 130 delicious recipes so youll never be wondering what to eat.

Not only that, but you dont have to eat boring and bland meals, instead Ive provided mouthwatering and delicious dishes to satisfy your taste buds all while being 100% Plant Based and incredibly healthy.

You dont have to miss out on going out with to eat with friends, You can feel satisfied while living a healthy lifestyle and you can expect this lifestyle to become easy for you after a while, oh and as its a lifestyle the results you get will actually be permanent. (Unlike all them crash diets youve tried!)

Get started today and see how transformational a healthy way of eating can be in your own life in all areas, its one crucial part to living your best life!
Author : Jessica Harrows
Publisher :
Year : 2020
Pages : 333
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ISBN : None
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