Object-Oriented Software Engineering – An Agile Unified Methodology

Object-Oriented Software Engineering: An Agile Unified Methodology, presents a step-by-step methodology – that integrates Modeling and Design, UML, Patterns, Test-Driven Development, Quality Assurance, Configuration Management, and Agile Principles throughout the life cycle. The overall approach is casual and easy to follow, with many practical examples that show the theory at work. The author uses his experiences as well as real-world stories to help the reader understand software design principles, patterns, and other software engineering concepts. The book also provides stimulating exercises that go far beyond the type of question that can be answered by simply copying portions of the text.

From the Author:

The writing of the book has been motivated by years of unsuccessful search for an OO software engineering textbook that
(1) teaches students practical, up-to-date problem-solving skills and solid theoretical foundations,
(2) is interesting and easy to learn, and
(3) contributes to the student’s long term career growth.
As the instructor, and director of the ABET accredited software engineering program, I feel obligated to develop the needed teaching material that fulfills these goals. The material presented in the book is the result of years of effort and continual improvements, based on my observation of students’ performance, and the feedback received from students.
The book is also written for instructors who want to switch to an agile software engineering approach. Software engineers and students who are puzzled by the problems faced in design, implementation and testing and who want to improve their OO development capabilities will find the book helpful. Finally, the book also devotes separate chapters for system engineering, software quality assurance, testing object-oriented and web applications, software maintenance, software configuration management, software project management, and software security.
Author : David C. Kung
Publisher : McGraw-Hill Education
Year : 2014
Pages : 720
Series :
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Edition : 1
ISBN : None
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