Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: Simple and Quick Mediterranean Recipes Ready in less than 30 minutes – Beginner’s Guide to Healthy Eating and weight loss to Keep in Shape with a 7-day Plan.

Are you are tired and exhausted of trying to lose your weight but still unable to lose your weight?
We have all seen figures on the increase in obesity from fried foods, soda, and sugar, and other processed foods. This has contributed to a flood of diet tips, nutritionist’s profiles, and diet books, claiming to be the perfect diet for weight loss. But with all the knowledge about diets, individuals fail to achieve a healthy balance between food and lifestyle.
It has become difficult to decide which diets work, whether a diet is safe, and whether that diet will help in the future also.

No worries. This book will solve all your problems; it will give you a simple seven-day diet plan to follow with some quick, simple, and delicious recipes.

Mediterranean Diet: This diet is basically based on the diets of Cretan, Greek, and Southern Italian citizens. The Mediterranean diet has become common because people display low heart disease levels, chronic disease, and obesity. The Mediterranean diet profile focuses on whole grains, good fats (fish, olive oil, nuts, etc.), vegetables, fruits, fish, and any non-fish meat being consumed very little. The Mediterranean diet, along with food, emphasizes the need to spend time eating with family and physical activity.

The New Mediterranean Diet Pyramid:
The new Mediterranean diet pyramid has the same types of food but recommends fewer carbohydrates because modern life is more sedentary. A Mediterranean diet meal plan would be from the new Mediterranean diet pyramid:
Breakfast: Walnut with oatmeal
Snack: any kind of fruits
Lunch: Leaf salad with chickpeas, olives, cucumbers
Snack: nuts
Dinner: Cod with Couscous and Vegetables

Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet: The Mediterranean diet can help to reduce your heart disease risk
2. Eating a Mediterranean diet could reduce the risk of stroke for women
3. A Mediterranean diet can prevent Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline

This book will give you over 60 amazing quick, simple, and delicious recipes that you can easily make and much more useful information.
Seven-day diet plan to come in the shape
List of food items you should always have in your pantry
List of foods you should always avoid
It gives a deep insight into the Mediterranean diet
Benefits of a healthy lifestyle

And a lot more. So much in one book how amazing is that if you want to look fresh and slim, and live a healthy lifestyle quickly, grab one for you now.
Author : Cantor , Michael
Publisher : Independently published
Year : 2020
Pages : 133
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Edition : Kindle
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