Lectures on the theory of elliptic modular functions, Vol.2

Prized for its extensive coverage of classical material, this text is also well regarded for its unusual fullness of treatment and its comprehensive discussion of both theory and applications. The author developes the theory of elliptic integrals, beginning with formulas establishing the existence, formation, and treatment of all three types, and concluding with the most general description of these integrals in terms of the Riemann surface. The theories of Legendre, Abel, Jacobi, and Weierstrass are developed individually and correlated with the universal laws of Riemann. The important contributory theorems of Hermite and Liouville are also fully developed. 1910 ed.

Title: Lectures on the Theory of Elliptic Functions
ISBN: 0486438252,9780486438252
Publisher: Courier Corporation
Genre: Mathematics / Functional Analysis
Date Published:
Pages: 498
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