Kundalini Tantra: Song of Liberation

What lies beyond awakening? Pure being is basic and so is the so-called “awakening” everyone is talking about today. The contemporary neo-Advaitins will tell you nothing lies beyond, however that is not true. A whole universe of bliss and unity awaits you and this book will help you discover it. Today, Tantra has become equated with exotic sexual practices; however that is less than half of what Tantra originally meant and still means. Tantra is the science of realizing the Self while remaining absorbed in a rich worldly life. Tantra and kundalini are closely related. Kundalini is the creative dynamic energy of the Self, also known as Shakti. Shakti is Divine Grace and it lives in you as you. Tantra is the science of merging this Divine Grace into your small conscious awareness and becoming enlightened. This book is about enlightenment – not just “awakening” but real enlightenment.

Title: Kundalini Tantra: Song of Liberation
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