Kashmir Shaivism Audio Study Set: The Secret Supreme

Swami Lakshman Jee is the last living Master of the oral tradition in Kashmir Shaivism. This exposition of the non-dual philosophy with practical applications is his first book in English. The tantric teachings are hidden in a language of allusion and symbol. Swamiji offers the skeleton key of the oral tradition that allows access to the secrets. The intent is to preserve the tradition and to make it available.
The emphasis is on practical realization of Truth through the experiences of Kundalini Yoga. The author contrasts this realization with the concepts of liberation taught by other schools of Indian philosophy, especially Advaita Vedanta. Kashmir Shaivism experiences the world as real and true as real and true as the existence of God. Liberation is the unbroken awareness of this universe as one s own transcendental Consciousness. It is a blissful realization.”

Title: Kashmir Shaivism Audio Study Set: The Secret Supreme
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