K9 obedience training: teaching pets and working dogs to be reliable and free-thinking

“Veteran search and rescue (SAR) dog handler and trainer Susan Bulanda shares the secrets of building an effective, positive obedience training program. The training methods are ideal for the working dog, a dog that must think on his own in situations that cannot be duplicated in training. The advice provided here is not meant to produce a robotically obedient dog, but rather a dog that is well-behaved, keen to work with its owner, and able to enjoy life to the fullest. To that extent, it will also be a valuable text even for the pet dog owner.”–

Title: K9 Obedience Training: Teaching Pets and Working Dogs to Be Reliable and Free-Thinking (K9 Professional Training Series)
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Pages: xv, 204 pages : illustrations; 22 cm
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