Insect conservation a global synthesis

Foundations for insect conservation — Landscape-scale insect conservation in three dimensions — Landscape descriptors and insect conservation dynamics — Species-level operational scale in insect conservation — Approaches and perspectives in insect species conservation — Agroecology and insect conservation — Insect conservation in forest, grassland, and cave systems — Conservation of freshwater insects — Insect conservation in towns and cities — Restoration of insect habitats — Ecological assessment, inventorying and mapping in insect conservation — Surrogacy, bioindication and monitoring in insect conservation — Future-proofing the world of insects.
With up to a quarter of all insect species heading towards extinction over the next few decades, there is now a pressing need to summarize the techniques available for measuring insect diversity in order to develop effective conservation strategies.

Insect Conservation outlines the main methods and techniques available to entomologists, providing a comprehensive synthesis for use by graduate students, researchers and practising conservationists worldwide. Both modern and more ‘traditional’ methodologies are described, backed up by practical background information and a global range of examples. Many newer techniques are included which have not yet been described in the existing book literature.

This book will be particularly relevant to postgraduate and advanced undergraduate students taking courses in insect ecology, conservation biology and environmental management, as well as established researchers in these fields. It will also be a valuable reference for nature conservation practitioners and professional entomologists worldwide.

Title: Insect Conservation: A Global Synthesis
ISBN: 1789241677
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