Ideology in social science : readings in critical social theory

Macpherson, C. B. Politics: post-liberal-democracy?–Shaw, M. The coming crisis of radical sociology.–Nicolaus, M. The professional organization of sociology.–Goddard, D. Anthropology: the limits of functionalism.–Nell, E. Economics: the revival of political economy.–Jones, G. S. History: the poverty of empiricism.–Westergaard, J. H. Sociology: the myth of classlessness.–Blackburn, R. The new capitalism.–Nairn, T. The English working class.–Jones, G. S. The history of U.S. imperialism.–Poulantzas, N. [and] Miliband, R. The problem of the capitalist state.–Hobsbawm, E. J. Karl Marx’s contribution to historiography.–Geras, N. Marx and the critique of political economy.–Nicolaus, M. The unknown Marx.–Godelier, M. Structure and contradiction in Capital.–Colletti, L. Marxism: science or revolution?–Bibliography (p. [378]-382)

Title: Ideology in Social Science: Readings in Critical Social Theory,
ISBN: 0006328911
Publisher: Fontana Press
Date Published:
Pages: 382
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