Honored by the glory of Islam: conversion and conquest in Ottoman Europe

Introduction: conversion of self, others, and sacred space — Inauspicious enthronement — A decade of crisis — Enjoying good and forbidding wrong — Islamizing Istanbul — Conversion to piety, Mehmed IV and preacher Vani Mehmed Efendi — Converting the Jewish prophet and Jewish physicians — Conversion and conquest: Ghazi Mehmed iv and Candia — Conversion and conquest: ghaza in Central and Eastern Europe — Hunting for converts — The failed final jihad, hunting, and conversion — Mehmed’s life and legacy, from ghazi to hunter — Conclusion: Islamic rulers and the process of conversion — Postscript: silences and traces of the past.
“Honored by the Glory of Islam is an important new source on the study of conversion. Much of this most informative book deals with the dual role of conversion and conquest in defining the controversial reign of Sultan Mehmed IV. Baer’s innovative reading of Ottoman chronicles and his focus on the nuances of conversion within one own’s religion makes this text an invaluable presentation of an exciting new area of research.” –Ethel Wolper, Associate Professor of History, University of New Hampshire “Marc Baer offers an innovative interpretation of religious conversion, especially conversion to Islam in the Ottoman age. Lacking enough evidence to speculate on the motives of the converts, he instead focuses on the agency of those who initiated the conversion process – in this case no less than the sultan himself. Baer focuses on the career of Sultan Mehmed IV (r. 1648-87), and on the people who came into direct contact with his court. In this way he sheds important new light on a critical period in the Ottoman Empire’s long history. Baer also convincingly revises the character of Mehmed IV as an inept ruler whose incompetence led to the catastrophic siege of Vienna in 1683. This original study will be of great interest not only to Ottoman specialists, but to students of Islam and of religious conversion.” –R.M.Eaton, Professor of History, University of Arizona Winner of the Albert Hourani Book Award of the Middle East Studies Association of North America for the best book in Middle East Studies (2008) and short-listed for the Best First Book in the History of Religions by the American Academy of Religion (2009).

Title: Honored by the Glory of Islam Conversion and Conquest in Ottoman Europe
ISBN: 0199797838,9780199797837
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Genre: History / Europe / General
Date Published:
Pages: 344
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