Getting multi-channel distribution right

PART I : THE BEDROCK OF CHANNEL FUNCTIONS, POWER, AND CONFLICT — PART II : METRICS, TOOLS, AND FRAMEWORKS FOR GETTING THE RIGHT DISTRIBUTION — PART III : ALIGNING THE MARKETING MIX TO MANAGE DISTRIBUTION.;”A distribution channel is the chain of distributors, retailers, and other intermediaries through which a supplier’s product reaches end consumers, implying a unidirectional movement of goods along a single route, from the point of production to the point of consumption. Even this simple distribution channel is a delicate system, where suppliers and their independent resellers struggle to balance competition for a bigger share of the total profit available in the channel against a cooperative and sustainable partnership. SPEAKING: Both authors speak extensively on the subject throughout the world. Ailawadi has spoken on the topic in the United States, New Zealand, Belgium, Spain, and the Netherlands and is considering events in Italy and Chile. HIGHER ED: Both authors will be using the book int their MBA program classes. EXAMPLES: Examples provided include such companies as: Leather Italia, Brooks Running, Nike, The Honest Company, Pete & Gerry’s, Marriott and Choice Hotels, Trip Advisor, Walmart, CVS, and Amazon”–

Getting Multi-Channel Distribution Right provides a comprehensive treatment of modern distribution strategy that is analytically solid, clearly written, and relevant for managers as well as MBA and executive MBA students, and the professors who train them. It covers concepts, metrics, tools, and strategic frameworks for managing distribution in physical and digital channels.

Focusing on the challenges of managing multiple channels of distribution in an evolving marketplace—rather than the process of designing a distribution channel from scratch—it leans more heavily on metrics and tools and incorporates perspectives from academic research, as well as in-depth case studies from marketing and general management practice.

  • Introduces an organizing framework of pull and push marketing for how suppliers work together with their channel partners.
  • Integrates across physical and digital, independent and company-owned, routes to market.
  • Maps the functions of traditional and newer intermediaries in the channel ecosystem and identifies the root causes of conflict between them.
  • Provides tools and frameworks for how much distribution coverage is required and where.
  • Shows how product line, pricing, trade promotions, and other channel incentives can help to coordinate multiple channels and manage conflict.
  • Illustrates how push and pull metrics can be combined into valuable dashboards for identifying positive feedback opportunities and sustaining the channel partnership.

With the help of Getting Multi-Channel Distribution Right you’ll discover how to successfully develop, execute, and adapt distribution strategy to the evolving marketplace.

Title: Getting Multi-Channel Distribution Right
ISBN: 1119632889,9781119632887
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Genre: Business & Economics / Distribution
Date Published:
Pages: 384
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