GEOGRAPHY, ART, RESEARCH : artistic research in the geohumanities.

This book explores the intersection of geographical knowledge and artistic research in terms of both creative methods and practice-based research. In doing so it brings together geography’s ‘creative turn’ with the art world’s ‘research turn.’

Based on a decade and a half of ethnographic stories of working at the intersection of creative arts practices and geographical research, this book offers a much-needed critical account of these forms of knowledge production. Adopting a geohumanities approach to investigating how these forms of knowledge are produced, consumed, and circulated, it queries what imaginaries and practices of the key sites of knowledge making (including the field, the artist’s studio, the PhD thesis, and the exhibition) emerge and how these might challenge existing understandings of these locations. Inspired by the geographies of science and knowledge, art history and theory, and accounts of working within and beyond disciplines, this book seeks to understand the geographies of research at the intersection of geography and creative arts practices, how these geographies challenge existing understandings of these disciplines and practices, and what they might contribute to our wider discussions of working beyond disciplines, including through artistic research.

This book offers a timely contribution to the emerging fields of artistic research and geohumanities, and will appeal to undergraduate and postgraduate students and researchers.

Title: Geography, Art, Research: Artistic Research in the Geohumanities
ISBN: 1000194906
Publisher: Routledge
Date Published:
Pages: 254
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