Fractional order analysis: theory, methods and applications

“The book contains new research findings in fractional order analysis. Different tools and techniques from the field of fractional order analysis are found to be extremely helpful in practical applications because such analyses can help in developing mathematical methods or models more accurately. The book covers topics such as: conformable fractional operators, local fractional proportional derivatives, fractional derivative and integral operators, different inequalities via several fractional environments, different type of fractional integral operators, fractional-order chaotic model, flow models in fractional environment, multi-dimensional fractional order models, fractional modelling of the transmission dynamics of Influenza, and Zika virus model with various fractional derivatives. Using this book, readers can find several useful, relevant and connected topics in one place, which is necessary for crucial understanding of research problems of an applied nature”–;On the fractional derivative and integral operators — Generalized conformable fractional operators and their applications — Analysis of new trends of fractional differential equations — New estimations for exponentially convexity via conformable fractional operators — Lyapunov type inequalities for local fractional proportional derivatives — Minkowski type inequalities for mixed conformable fractional integrals — New estimations for different kinds of convex functions via conformable integrals and RiemannLiouville fractional integral operators — Legendre-Spectral algorithms for solving some fractional differential equations — Mathematical modeling of an autonomous nonlinear dynamical system for Malaria transmission using Caputo derivative — MHD free convection flow over a vertical plate with ramped wall temperature and chemical reaction in view of non-singular kernel — Comparison of the different fractional derivatives for the dynamics of Zika virus.
A guide to the new research in the field of fractional order analysis

Fractional Order Analysis contains the most recent research findings in fractional order analysis and its applications. The authors–noted experts on the topic–offer an examination of the theory, methods, applications, and the modern tools and techniques in the field of fractional order analysis. The information, tools, and applications presented can help develop mathematical methods and models with better accuracy.

Comprehensive in scope, the book covers a range of topics including: new fractional operators, fractional derivatives, fractional differential equations, inequalities for different fractional derivatives and fractional integrals, fractional modeling related to transmission of Malaria, and dynamics of Zika virus with various fractional derivatives, and more. Designed to be an accessible text, several useful, relevant and connected topics can be found in one place, which is crucial for an understanding of the research problems of an applied nature. This book:

Contains recent development in fractional calculus Offers a balance of theory, methods, and applications Puts the focus on fractional analysis and its interdisciplinary applications, such as fractional models for biological models Helps make research more relevant to real-life applications Written for researchers, professionals and practitioners, Fractional Order Analysis offers a comprehensive resource to fractional analysis and its many applications as well as information on the newest research.

Title: Fractional Order Analysis: Theory, Methods and Applications
ISBN: 1119654203
Publisher: Wiley
Date Published:
Pages: 336
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