Eternal Religion of Humanity

True religion is the one that unites Humans with the common bond of Humanity!

This book, first of Religion of Humanity series answers the most important questions necessary to understand the religious confusion that is playing a significant role in dividing Humanity:

Why so many religions exist in the world today?
What are the core beliefs of those religions?
Why and how people follow religions in the first place?
How so-called spiritual and religious leaders are the biggest culprits of destroying Humanity?

The book inspires us to do a litmus test of truth by answering perplexing questions so that we can find our way out of this religious confusion:

What is the difference between Religious cult Vs Eternal Religion – Dharma or righteousness?
How do I know what is truth and how can I follow it?
How can one separate truth from falsehood?
What should be the test of truth?

Book answers the most fundamental questions on the religion of humanity which ever existed and will always exist.

What is the eternal religion of Humanity?
What are the core tenets of this religion?
How can one start following it?
What benefits one would get?

Title: Eternal Religion of Humanity
Date Published:
Pages: 68
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