Dynamical systems: theories and applications

Review of chaotic dynamics — Human Immunodeficiency Virus and urbanization dynamics — Chaotic behaviors in piecewise linear mappings — Robust chaos in neural networks models — Estimating Lyapunov exponents of 2-D discrete mappings — Control, synchronization and chaotification of dynamical systems — Boundedness of some forms of quadratic systems — Some forms of globally asymptotically stable attractors — Transformation of dynamical systems to hyperjerky motions;Chaos is the idea that a system will produce very different long-term behaviors when the initial conditions are perturbed only slightly. Chaos is used for novel, time- or energy-critical interdisciplinary applications. Examples include high-performance circuits and devices, liquid mixing, chemical reactions, biological systems, crisis management, secure information processing, and critical decision-making in politics, economics, as well as military applications, etc. This book presents the latest investigations in the theory of chaotic systems and their dynamics. The book covers some theoretical aspects of the subject arising in the study of both discrete and continuous-time chaotic dynamical systems. This book presents the state-of-the-art of the more advanced studies of chaotic dynamical systems
Integrates the traditional approach to differential equations with the modern systems and control theoretic approach to dynamic systems, emphasizing theoretical principles and classic models in a wide variety of areas. Provides a particularly comprehensive theoretical development that includes chapters on positive dynamic systems and optimal control theory. Contains numerous problems.

Title: Introduction to Dynamic Systems: Theory, Models, and Applications
ISBN: 0471025941
Publisher: Wiley
Date Published:
Pages: 464
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