Complex city: London’s changing character

Part story, part atlas – this is a study of a city’s complexity. The most successful cities, the most interesting and sought-after ones, are those with an intrinsic and distinctive character that remain dynamic and relevant. They are complex and contradictory. And that is worth embracing. This is a visual, geographic and narrative journey that explains why London is the way it is today.

Using stunning maps and artful imagery, it makes a compelling case for a finer grain understanding of density through a character-based approach to planning. Each character area is broken down, exploring the characteristics and character-based development potential. For those planning and designing projects, this is a reference book for the early stages of a design project and can help to inform site analyses which form the part of most architectural commissions and urban design studies. For lovers of maps and London, it is a must-read.

Title: Complex City: London’s Changing Character
ISBN: 1000244954
Publisher: Riba Publishing
Date Published:
Pages: 208
Alternate description: Amazon

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