Coastal gardening in the Pacific Northwest: from Northern California to British Columbia

The basics — Dune gardening — Coastal mountain gardening — Coastal cottage gardens — Vegetables — Potential problems — Plants to avoid in coastal gardens — Traveling.;Coastal Gardening. It has challenges that no other type of gardening can boast: Salt, wind, and sand to name a few. This book combines necessary information about Pacific Northwest coastal gardening and suggested plants with examples of public gardens in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.
Part how-to guide, part workbook, and part plant encyclopedia, Coastal Gardening in the Pacific Northwest: From Northern California to British Columbia is the must-have reference book for both experienced gardeners moving to the coast and novice gardeners currently living near the shore. Along with basic information about soil construction, plant selection, and watering needs, Coastal Gardening in the Pacific Northwest includes a workbook that will help you record the unique elements of the coast-wind, salt spray, and sun exposure-and design the garden of your dreams.
Master Gardener Carla Albright provides valuable suggestions for vegetables, roses, trees, shrubs, and perennials hearty enough to thrive on the coast, as well as plants that are best avoided. Tips for choosing plants and controlling disease and insects will help you keep your coastal gardening looking its best. Ready for a break? Put down your trowel and take a trip to some of the coastal public gardens listed in the travel guide. These beautiful gardens will provide you with endless ideas that you can try in your own garden.

Title: Coastal Gardening in the Pacific Northwest From Northern California to British Columbia
ISBN: 158979317X,9781589793170
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publications
Genre: Gardening / Regional / Pacific Northwest (OR, WA)
Date Published:
Pages: 217
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