Christianity and human rights: Christians and the struggle for global justice

Introduction: The political and theological evolution of Christianity and human rights / Frederick M. Shepherd — Past sins, future promise : overviews of Christianity and human rights — Deliver us from evil : genocide and the Christian world / James E. Waller — A Dickensian era of religious rights / John Witte, Jr. — Religious freedom and human rights — Religous freedom : a challenge for the church / Johannes A. van der Ven — The enduring alliance of religious freedom and democracy / Joseph Loconte — Religious freedom and international law / Robert F. Drinan — Democracy and human dignity / Jean Bethke Elshtain — Theological and philosophical foundations for human rights — Universal rights or personal relations? / Patrick Byrne — Human rights, the common good, and our supernatural destiny / Dana L. Dillon — Boena Komarkova : toward an existential Christian philosophy of human rights / Joyce J. Michael — Catholic social teaching, economic rights, and globalization / John Sniegocki — Rights, capabilities, and human flourishing / Jonathan Warner — Case studies — The rights of the poor : Christian theology and human rights practices in Latin America’s Andean Region / Thomas Bamat — Christianity and human rights in Vietnam : the case of ethnic minorities, 1975-2007 / James F. Lewis — From human rights to human wrongs : the dramatic turn-about of the South African Pentecostal Movement / Nico Horn — Concluding remarks on Christianity and human rights / Frederick M. Shepherd.;Human Rights and Christianity Christians and the Struggle for Global Justice focuses on Christianity’s role in the global struggle for human rights. It includes essays by prominent figures in fields such as law, philosophy, psychology and theology, an.
In Christianity and Human Rights: Christians and the Struggle for Global Justice, Frederick M. Shepherd has collected essays by scholars and activists who, in a wide variety of ways, confront the issue of Christianity’s role in the burgeoning movement for human rights. The volume’s contributors provide diverse perspectives on the theology behind the idea of human rights, the debate over the its meaning, and the evolution of the struggle for human rights. A wide variety of disciplinary perspectives are represented, from economics, political science and law to history, philosophy and theology. The essays also represent a broad political spectrum, including specific accounts from activists participating in the struggle for human rights. Separate chapters focus on cases from Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia. Christianity and Human Rights begins and ends with attempts to synthesize current theory and practice, acknowledging both Christianity’s great success and its failures in defending basic human rights around the globe.

Title: Christianity and Human Rights Christians and the Struggle for Global Justice
ISBN: 0739124722,9780739124727
Publisher: Lexington Books
Genre: Political Science / General
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Pages: 270
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