Christian martyrdom and political violence: a comparative theology with Judaism and Islam / Rubn Rosario Rodrguez, Saint Louis University

Scripture and political violence — Early Christian martyrdom and political violence — Comparative martyrologies — Martyrdom or political violence? — On becoming a “faithful witness” today.;In recent years, martyrdom and political violence have been conflated in the public imagination. Rubn Rosario Rodrguez argues that martyr narratives deserve consideration as resources for resisting political violence in contemporary theological reflection. Underlying the three Abrahamic monotheistic traditions is a shared belief that God requires liberation for the oppressed, justice for the victims and, most demanding of all, love for the political enemy. Christian, Jewish and Muslim martyr narratives that condone political violence – whether terrorist or state-sponsored – are examined alongside each religion’s canon, in order to evaluate how central or marginalized these discourses are within their respective traditions. Primarily a work of Christian theology in conversation with Judaism and Islam, this book aims to model religious pluralism and cooperation by retrieving distinctly Christian sources that nurture tolerance and facilitate coexistence, while respecting religious difference.;This book examines the commonalities of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, and presents martyr narratives as a resource for resisting political violence.
Cover — Half-title page — Title page — Copyright page — Dedication — Contents — Acknowledgments — Introduction — Why Martyrdom Matters — Martyrdom through the Lens of Liberation — Revisiting Martyrdom in Classical Antiquity — A Theological Reading of Sacred Scripture in Comparative Perspective — Plan of the Book — Chapter 1 Scripture and Political Violence — What Is Scripture? — Liberating Violence in the Hebrew Scriptures — Jesus Christ and Violence — Violence in the Qur’an — Scripture’s Core Testimony: Liberation, Justice, and Compassion — Jonah, Reluctant Prophet of Liberation — Chapter 2 Early Christian Martyrdom and Political Violence — “Faithful Witness”: Martyrdom in the Book of Revelation — Roman Pietas versus Christ’s Lordship — Martyr Narratives and the School of Christian Virtue — Subverting Imperial Domination through Nonviolent Witness — Toward a Contemporary Theology of Martyrdom — Chapter 3 Comparative Martyrologies — Were the Maccabeans Martyrs? — Understanding shahīd and jihād — Jihadism: Martyrdom as Terrorist Violence — Jewish Nationalism and Christian Zionism: State-Sanctioned Violence — Embracing a Shared “Faithful Witness”–Chapter 4 Martyrdom or Political Violence? — The Constantinian Shift — Augustine on Martyrdom: “Bearing Witness” against the Donatists — Romero’s Martyrology: The Only Violence Permissible by the Gospel — Christian Alternatives: Just War or Nonviolence? — Chapter 5 On Becoming a “Faithful Witness” Today — The Trinity, Jesus, and the Gift of Peace — The Relevance of Martyrdom for Resisting Political Violence — The Liberating God of Jonah’s Countertestimony — Conclusion: Nonviolence as God’s Preferential Witness — References — Subject Index — Index of Scripture Citations

Title: Christian Martyrdom and Political Violence A Comparative Theology with Judaism and Islam
ISBN: 1107187141,9781107187146
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Genre: Religion / Comparative Religion
Date Published:
Pages: 307
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