Christian Apocalyptic Texts in Islamic Messianic Discourse: The ‘Christian Chapter’ of the Jvidn nma-yi kabr by Fal Allh Astarbd (d. 796/1394)

In Christian Apocalyptic Texts in Islamic Messianic Discourse Orkhan Mir-Kasimov offers an account of the interpretation of these Christian texts by Fal Allh Astarbd (d. 796/1394), the founder of a mystical and messianic movement which was influential in medieval Iran and Anatolia. This interpretation can be situated within the tradition of positive Muslim hermeneutics of the Christian and Jewish scriptures which was particularly developed in Sh and especially Ismal circles. Fal Allh incorporates the Christian apocalyptic texts into an Islamic eschatological context, combining them with Qurn and adth material. In addition to an introductory study, the book contains a critical edition and an English translation of the relevant passages from Fal Allhs magnum opus, the Jvidn-nma-yi kabr.
Author : Orkhan Mir-Kasimov
Publisher : Brill
Year : 2017
Pages : 199
Series : History of Christian-Muslim Relations, vol. 30
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ISBN : None
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