Bull!: a history of the boom and bust, 1982-2004

Prologue: Henry Blodget — INTRODUCTION: The market’s cycles — The people’s market — BEGINNINGS (1961-89): The stage is set (1961-81) — The curtain rises (1982-87) — Black Monday (1987-89) — THE CAST ASSEMBLES (1990-95): The gurus — The individual investor — Behind the scenes, in Washington — THE MEDIA, MOMENTUM, AND MUTUAL FUNDS (1995-96): The media: CNBC lays down the rhythm — The information bomb — AOL: a case study — Mutual funds: momentum versus value — The mutual fund manager: career risk versus investment risk — THE NEW ECONOMY (1996-98): Abby Cohen goes to Washington; Alan Greenspan gives a speech — The miracle of productivity– THE FINAL RUN-UP (1998-2000): “Fully deluded earnings” — Following the herd: DOW 10,000 — The last bear is gored — Insiders sell: the water rises — A FINAL ACCOUNTING: Winners, losers, and scapegoats (2000-03) — Looking ahead: what financial cycles mean for the 21st-century investor — EPILOGUE (2004-05).

In 1982, the Dow hovered below 1000. Then, the market rose and rapidly gained speed until it peaked above 11,000. Noted journalist and financial reporter Maggie Mahar has written the first book on the remarkable bull market that began in 1982 and ended just in the early 2000s. For almost two decades, a colorful cast of characters such as Abby Joseph Cohen, Mary Meeker, Henry Blodget, and Alan Greenspan came to dominate the market news.

This inside look at that 17-year cycle of growth, built upon interviews and unparalleled access to the most important analysts, market observers, and fund managers who eagerly tell the tales of excesses, presents the period with a historical perspective and explains what really happened and why.

Title: Bull! A History of the Boom and Bust, 1982-2004
ISBN: 0060564148,9780060564148
Publisher: HarperCollins
Genre: Business & Economics / Finance / General
Date Published:
Pages: 528
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