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Cover Page — Title Page — Copyright Page — Dedication — Table of Contents — Acknowledgments — Introduction — 1. The Ringwood Connection — 2. The Down East Direction — 3. The Industrial Collection — 4. A Stellar Selection;Maine was once a national leader in the temperance movement to outlaw alcohol. In the last 30 years, however, the Pine Tree State has been equally influential in the craft beer movement. Since 1986, when David and Karen Geary opened New England’s first microbrewery, more than 50 breweries have opened in Maine. The state not only ranks among the top 10 for breweries per capita, it also boasts two of the 50 largest craft breweries in the country. The personalities and visions of the brewers are as diverse as the beers they create. Some have opened their breweries in the hulking mill complexes of Lewiston and Biddeford or the former factories of Portland. Others have brewed at the scenic mountain resorts of Sugarloaf and Sunday River or on the quaint, historic wharves of Belfast and Kennebunk, and even on distant Monhegan Island. Farmstead breweries have sprung up from Skowhegan to Lyman, while the state’s industrial parks are no less fertile.
In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Maine was a stronghold for the temperance movement, but the Pine Tree State emerged from Prohibition to create a beer culture that rivals any other in the United States. Early pioneers, like D.L. Geary, established the Northeast’s love affair with English-style ales, and today’s upstarts brew unique and inventive recipes. Maine brewers create beer for every palate, and Maine’s unique flavors–like blueberries, potatoes and even oysters–are frequently featured. Maine beer expert Josh Christie discovers the story of brewing in Vacationland by exploring Maine’s large breweries, like Shipyard; its local crafters, like Rising Tide; the budding cider, spirits and mead industries; and, of course, the best places to drink across the state.

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