Blockchain Technology and the Internet of Things: Challenges and Applications in Bitcoin and Security

This new volume looks at the electrifying world of blockchain technology and how it has been revolutionizing the Internet of Things and cyber-physical systems. Aimed primarily at business users and developers who are considering blockchain-based projects, the volume provides a comprehensive introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of blockchain technology. It presents a selection of chapters on topics that cover new information on blockchain and bitcoin security, IoT security threats and attacks, privacy issues, fault-tolerance mechanisms, and more. Some major software packages are discussed, and it also addresses the legal issues currently affecting the field. The information presented here is relevant to current and future problems relating to blockchain technology and will provide the tools to build efficient decentralized applications.

Blockchain technology and the IoT can profoundly change how the world—and businesses—work, and this book provides a window into the current world of blockchain. No longer limited to just Bitcoin, blockchain technology has spread into many sectors and into a significant number of different technologies.

Title: Blockchain Technology and the Internet of Things Challenges and Applications in Bitcoin and Security
ISBN: 1000038610,9781000038613
Publisher: CRC Press
Genre: Computers / Software Development & Engineering / Systems Analysis & Design
Date Published:
Pages: 348
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