Beauty and the Beast: Visions and Revisions of an Old Tale

From eighteenth-century courtiers to Cocteau, from Freudians to prime time TV, “Beauty and the Beast” has captured the artistic and popular imagination. Betsy Hearne brings a storyteller’s verve and insight to an examination of one of western culture’s most powerful and persistent myths.
Traces the familiar tale from its folklore origins, through its literary shaping in the 1700s, the moral instruction and lavish illustrations of the 1800s, to the modern psychological interpretations in books, movies, and television. Isolates common motives in such elements as character, narrative voice, image, object, and symbol. The illustrations include 12 superb color reproductions.

Title: Beauty and the Beast Visions and Revisions of an Old Tale
ISBN: 0226322394,9780226322391
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Genre: Fiction / General
Date Published:
Pages: 247
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