Are worker rights human rights?

The movement’s victories since WWII have come at a cost, however. The emphasis on individual rights erodes collective rightsthe rights that disadvantaged peoples need to assert their most basic human rights. This is particularly true for workers, McIntyre argues. By reintroducing Marxian and Institutional analysis, he reveals the class relations and power structures that determine the position of workers in the global economy. The best hope for achieving workers’ rights, he concludes, lies in grassroots labor organizations that claim the right of association and collective bargaining.

At last, an economist offers a vision for human rights that takes both moral questions and class relations seriously.
Discusses issues of worker rights and labor standards, considering moral questions and class relations and interests, and examines the practices of the International Labor Organization, the interaction between labor law and U.S. foreign policy, and the activities of labor-based nongovernmental organizations in creating worker rights and enforcing labor standards.

Title: Are Worker Rights Human Rights?
ISBN: 9780472050420,0472050427
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
Genre: Business & Economics / Labor
Date Published:
Pages: 222
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