Advances in Delay-tolerant Networks Dtns: Architecture and Enhanced Performance

Advances in Delay-Tolerant Networks: Architecture and Enhanced Performance, Second Edition provides an important overview of delay-tolerant networks (DTNs) for researchers in electronics, computer engineering, telecommunications and networking for those in academia and R&D in industrial sectors. Part I reviews the technology involved and the prospects for improving performance, including different types of DTN and their applications, such as satellite and deep-space communications and vehicular communications. Part II focuses on how the technology can be further improved, addressing topics, such as data bundling, opportunistic routing, reliable data streaming, and the potential for rapid selection and dissemination of urgent messages. Opportunistic, delay-tolerant networks address the problem of intermittent connectivity in a network where there are long delays between sending and receiving messages, or there are periods of disconnection. Reviews the different types of DTN and shows how they can be applied in satellite and deep-space communications, vehicular communications (including unmanned aerial), and during large-scale disasters Considers security concerns for DTN and potential for rapid selection and dissemination of urgent messages Reviews the breadth of areas in which DTN is already providing solutionsCovers the prospects for DTN’s wider adoption and development of standards
Part one looks at delay-tolerant network architectures and platforms including DTN for satellite communications and deep-space communications, underwater networks, networks in developing countries, vehicular networks and emergency communications. Part two covers delay-tolerant network routing, including issues such as congestion control, naming, addressing and interoperability. Part three explores services and applications in delay-tolerant networks, such as web browsing, social networking and data streaming. Part four discusses enhancing the performance, reliability, privacy and security of delay-tolerant networks. Chapters cover resource sharing, simulation and modeling and testbeds.

Title: Advances in Delay-Tolerant Networks (Dtns): Architecture and Enhanced Performance
ISBN: 0857098403
Publisher: Woodhead Publishing
Date Published:
Pages: 298
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