A Confluence of Transatlantic Networks

A Confluence of Transatlantic Network demonstrates how portions of interconnected trust-based kinship, business, and ideational transatlantic networks evolved over roughly a century and a half and eventually converged to engender, promote, and facilitate the migration of southern elites to Brazil in the post–Civil War era. Placing that migration in the context of the Atlantic world sharpens our understanding of the transborder dynamic of such mainstream nineteenth-century historical currents as international commerce, liberalism, Protestantism, and Freemasonry. The manifestation of these transatlantic forces as found in Brazil at midcentury provided disaffected Confederates with a propitious environment in which to try to re-create a cherished lifestyle.

Title: A Confluence of Transatlantic Networks Elites, Capitalism, and Confederate Migration to Brazil
ISBN: 0817316248,9780817316242
Publisher: University of Alabama Press
Genre: History / General
Date Published:
Pages: 326
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