A Basic Guide to International Business Law

A Basic Guide to International Business Law aims to give students an understanding as well as practical knowledge of legal problems arising in the area of international business, and to equip them with the skills needed to prevent and tackle these problems. All Chapters employ the same didactic structure. Introductory case studies, examples, annotated case law, glossaries, diagrams, summaries and exercises are all designed to familiarize students quickly with relevant aspects of international (business) law. A Basic Guide to International Business Law deals with the following topics: – Introduction to International Private Law and European Law – Legal aspects of negotiations – International contracts: matters of jurisdiction and the law applicable to these contracts – International contracts of sale – Competion law – Free movement of goods, workers, the freedom of capital and establishment and the freedom to provide services – International payments – Carriage of goods by road and sea – Incoterms – Entry modes (agents, representatives, distributors, licensing, franchising)

A Basic Guide to International Business Law is an introduction to those parts of European and international law that are relevant to business. Having read this book, students will come away with a broad understanding of the international rules of law within the EEC, institutional rules of the European Union, international contract law, rules of competition and the four freedoms within the EEC.

The edition includes student friendly features, such as summaries of statements and references to relevant case law, making the book an ideal introduction for those on law and/or business programmes.

Title: A Basic Guide to International Business Law
ISBN: 9001701000,9789001701000
Publisher: Wolters-Noordhoff
Genre: Business & Economics / General
Date Published:
Pages: 184
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