Everyday Tarot: Using the Cards to Make Better Life Decisions

Everyday Tarot, first published as Choice Centered Tarot, is an accessible, thorough introduction to the tarot. Gail Fairfield focuses on the psychological meanings that can be found in the symbolism of the cards. Rather than simply predicting a future in which we have no real choice, her clear, concise interpretations provide meaningful guidelines that will lead readers to powerful insights and greater self-understanding. She makes the tarot an easy-to-use tool for intuitive information gathering, personal empowerment, and self-discovery, all keys to making great choices about life’s dilemmas.

Fairfield explains everything needed to become a competent card reader — and offers invaluable tips on choosing a deck, designing layouts, and giving readings for individuals and groups.
Author : Gail Fairfield
Publisher : Weiser Books
Year : 2002
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ISBN : None
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