Mastering disk operations on the Commodore 128

Mastering Disk Operations on the Commodore 128 is an
indispensable handbook for owners, users and programmers
of the Commodore 128, with the CP/M Plus operating
system. For newcomers and experienced users alike, this
volume is the one place to turn for

A step-by-step introduction to Commodore 128 hardware,
software, and operating system fundamentals

Straightforward explanations of CP/M Plus commands

Full details on file-handling with PIPincluding printing,
defining user areas, manipulating system files, and other
advanced topics

An extended tutonal on ED, the CP/M Plus text editor

A guide to the inner workings of CP/M Plus, for
advanced users and programmers

A complete CP/M Plus command summary for ongoing

Novice users in particular will benefit from easy-to-follow
tutorials, clear examples and practical troubleshooting hints.
A special appendix offers tips on efficient disk and file
management, recovering from system failures, and care and
maintenance for the Commodore 128.

Author : Miller, Alan R.
Publisher : Sybex
Year : 1986
Pages : 238 si
Series : Sybex computer books
Volume Info :
Edition :
ISBN : 9780895883575,0895883570
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