Choosing the Light – Dark Secrets of the Oklahoma City Bombing

How a modern-day crafty cherokee warrior survived his fears and outlived his agency assassins. This is the autobiography of CODY SNODGRES, a CIA intel insider, who was offered the Oklahoma City Bombing contract and turned it down, but he followed the local story closely as it unfolded. He made the mistake of telling his retirement story to an ATF agent and landed in a maximum security federal prison for the indiscretion. There he met many others who had had been silenced by a corrupt justice system designed to railroad federal malcontents. He names names and includes snapshots of press coverage and court documents to back up his claims. This is not just a book about the bombing. It is a condemnation of the intelligence, political, banking and media establishments and those that pull the strings of social control. He has many insider stories to tell about a host of topics. Dont let the typos fool you, there is meat in these outspoken pages from someone who has the testimony and who paid the price. The last half of the book is appendices of additional articles and court documents redundant to the many images in the body of the book. The full copy of the extra 300pp of appendices is in the pdf format file.
What follows is a hidden truth. Darkness and Evil exist on Earth, but so too does Light and Goodness. I have walked with the Dark Ones, Learning their secret, hidden ways. Now, I have Chosen the Light. May the power of truth protect Us, and the Angels guide us upon our path. In the End, all paths lead back to Oneness and God.
Dont miss this painful and touching account.

Author : Cody Snodgres
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Year : 0
Pages : 400
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ISBN : 9781885395221,1885395221
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